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JCDecaux is a family-owned company that has grown to become a multinational corporation with a reputation for being the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide. It has revolutionized outdoor advertising with its signature bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems, and street furniture that can be found in major cities on at least five continents.

In line with its guiding principles of innovation and multiculturalism, JC Decaux sought to improve its reach with suitable app UX and UI designs.

Enter the WECREATE team. We created an intuitive and attractive app UX design that offers users an opportunity to view creative adverts and get them connected to local offers that are nearby.

We found a way to sell the brand’s driving spirit of quality, innovation, and a communal feel in the app’s user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and functionality.

We also ensured that our app UI designs reflected JC Decaux’s concept of making local city centers and transport systems more attractive.

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