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Project Highlights

Anantara is a luxury hotel and resort chain with locations across the world, including Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America. The company offers a variety of experiences, from island and beach resorts to urban hotels. Anantara properties are known for their luxurious accommodations, unique experiences, and beautiful settings. For example, Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort in Thailand offers Sino-Thai designed accommodations and a range of activities, while Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort boasts overwater villas and private shoreline. 

As Anantara expanded to various countries, they realised the importance of telling their unique story in a way that captivates and connects with people. Anantara chose Wecreate for its expertise in global designs, specifically Western trends to help them showcase their destinations but also tell a story that connects with guests.

Wecreate initiated the process by conducting an analysis of each Anantara property. This involved understanding the characteristics, cultural nuances, and architectural styles associated with each location. Our team worked on developing a distinct concept for each Anantara property and translated the ideas into visual elements. We used Sino-Thai designs, desert-inspired themes, seaside vibes, and urban styles to bring each location’s character to life. This included the creation of logos, colour schemes, and design motifs that would serve as the imagery identity for each property. Anantara’s digital presence became a true reflection of its commitment to provide authentic, personalised experiences. The collaboration reflected the aesthetic transformation and enhanced guest experience with lasting brand imprint.