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Project Highlights

Anna Emore is a prestigious lingerie brand dedicated to enhancing the beauty of modern women through its sophisticated, timeless, and intimate collections. The fusion of elegance and modern allure is seamlessly captured in Anna Emore’s intricate and exquisitely designed pieces, empowering women to exude confidence, grace, and allure.

To establish their online presence, Anna Emore enlisted the expertise of Wecreate for the creation of a distinctive logo. We understood the brand’s core values in its visual representation and started to strategise on the logo design that will speak of the brand as well as create its own brand identity. Before diving into the design process, Wecreate engaged in extensive conceptualization and ideation sessions. This involved brainstorming ideas, sketching rough drafts, and exploring various design directions.

The logo design adopted a minimalist yet refined approach, reflecting Anna Emore’s desire for simplicity and delicacy. We strategically selected typography and design elements that mirror the brand’s commitment to empowering modern women. We opted for a sophisticated colour palette, with a hint of gold against a black backdrop. This colour combination not only accentuated the logo’s elegance and sensuality but also conveyed an aura of exclusivity that aligns with Anna Emore’s brand image.