branding agency singapore g024 - GO24

Project Highlights

Go24 provides the opportunity to work out in a top-of-the-line gym facility, available 24/7 without being locked into a long-term contract. Go24 understands the importance and necessity of a fitness centre and has created a hassle-free environment for clients to focus and be confident. The new chain offers the best value for money and flexibility with short 1-month memberships, encouraging clients to make the smartest lifestyle and fitness decisions. Go24 has opened various locations throughout Hong Kong that are safe, secure, and modern, focusing on community and making people feel strong physically and mentally.

Go24 understood the importance of fostering a sense of community within their fitness centres. The increasing significance of fitness for both physical and mental well-being also increased the demand for accessible and affordable workout options. Go24 sought to meet this demand by offering top-notch gym facilities that provide excellent value for money, motivating individuals to make informed and sustainable lifestyle choices.

We created a brand identity that reflected the values of accessibility, empowerment, and community for Go24. The logo we designed is sleek and modern, symbolising strength and experience.  Our graphic design solutions enhanced the brand’s visual appeal, creating eye-catching marketing materials that drew customers in. The promotional posters and social media assets were strategically designed to convey the energy and excitement of the Go24 brand. The new branding and design assets increased G024’s brand awareness and customer engagement. People were drawn to the hassle-free fitness experience and the short-term memberships they offer.