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Ariana is an online platform that follows a leading offline magazine. It is designed to cater to multiple different article templates that cover the content of the magazine like interviews, main topics, and QA’s, among others. It also offers online payment integration for users to subscribe online.

With such a handful of responsibilities, the WECREATE SG team had their work cut out for them. We latched onto Ariana’s need to sell its capabilities via an excellent website design. And so, we proceeded to work on a UI layout that described what the online platform had to offer using appropriate imagery to show the platform’s competencies in handling a range of content types

and online payment integrations. We also brainstormed and implemented a unique  UX design displaying their services by optimizing eye-catching elements and vibrant layout designs. Finally, we found a way to integrate WordPress capability because Ariana needed a flexible Content Management System that was both flexible and user-friendly.

More importantly, we used WooCommerce development to facilitate Ariana’s need for payment integrations. Since it seamlessly integrates into a WordPress website, it was only fitting that we used both tools to optimize Ariana’s capabilities.

- Ariana
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