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Project Highlights

K-Style Lab is a fashion boutique in Asia, specialising in Korean fashion and lifestyle products. It was founded by EJ Kim, who studied fashion in Paris and later opened the store in Hong Kong. The boutique offers a range of Korean fashion brands and designer items, including South Korean designer brand Cres. E Dim. K-Style Lab also provides a pop-up store solution for brands to open temporary stores in Hong Kong, offering real estate, store set-up, operation, marketing, and PR services.

As K-Style Lab expanded its reach, EJ Kim recognized the importance of a strong online presence. They turned to WeCreate, known for their expertise in web design and development, to enhance their digital footprint. The challenge was straightforward: create a website that reflects K-Style Lab’s essence while providing an easy shopping experience. Wecreate tackled this by getting to know the brand and its current position in the industry.

We focused on creating an enticing and user-friendly platform, with user-friendly navigation, showcasing products effectively. We implemented an intuitive design, making it easy for customers to explore and purchase items. We also integrated secure payment options and an easy checkout process to provide a hassle-free online shopping experience. Since the launch, K-Style Lab has seen increased website traffic and sales. Our efforts successfully brought the charm of Korean fashion to a global audience, setting a new standard in online retail for K-Style Lab.

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e commerce singapore k style lab 02 - K-Style Lab