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Project Highlights

Ampd Energy is a company operating in the energy industry, specialising in the design and manufacture of energy storage systems. The company is involved in creating innovative solutions for energy management, particularly focusing on providing efficient and scalable energy storage for various applications. Ampd Energy is part of the Incu-Tech Programme, which is a collaborative initiative between the Hong Kong Government and HK Science and Technology Park to support technological innovation and development.

When Ampd sought to enhance their brand presence and online visibility, they approached Wecreate. They understood the importance of a strong brand identity and user-friendly website in conveying their message effectively. Ampd needed a brand identity that reflected their commitment to innovation and sustainability. Wecreate was chosen for our ability to capture their essence through design. From logo creation to comprehensive branding, our goal was to showcase Ampd’s values and aspirations in every detail.

Wecreate conducted in-depth brand discovery sessions with Ampd to understand their values, mission, and target audience. Then we developed a comprehensive brand identity system, including typography, colour palette, and visual elements, to ensure consistency across all touchpoints. We designed the logo that reflects their tech expertise and conveys trust and reliability. To showcase their energy storage solutions, we developed a user-friendly website that prioritised seamless navigation and engaging visuals. The website featured intuitive navigation menus, clear calls-to-action, and interactive elements to enhance user engagement. 

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