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CosMax medical beauty centre in Singapore provides customized beauty treatments. What sets CosMax apart from other beauty centers is that all treatments are led by medical doctors and are tailor-made to give each individual a personalized medical beauty treatment. At present CosMax has more than 60 excellent cosmetic instruments from around the world, offering a wide range of cosmetic courses. CosMax felt the design of its website was outdated and that poor navigation obstructed the company’s goal of achieving more new customer registrations.

We upgraded the entire web design and through a new Ux and UI design found the fine balance between communicating the ‘cold’ technical medical business aspect and the ‘warm’ personal one-on-one care. The experience of visiting the new website is one that leaves the visitor feel welcome and clearly informed of the beauty journeys offered. The UX and UI web re-design provide clean and simple navigation through treatments offered with evident CTA’s along the way.

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