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Project Highlights

CosMax Medical Beauty Centre is known for its expertise in medical aesthetics and beauty services. It offers a range of products including cosmetics and health supplements, utilising advanced technology to meet consumer needs and promote skin health. The centre’s design features a blooming peony concept symbolising innovation and a new direction for CosMax. It is deeply rooted in the K-Beauty industry, constantly striving for first achievements and innovation while upholding high standards of quality and consumer satisfaction.

To improve its online presence, CosMax decided to upgrade its web design. This redesign aimed to strike a balance between communicating the ‘cold’ technical medical business aspect and the ‘warm’ personal one-on-one care. CosMax turned to Wecreate for the following services: Web Design, including UX and UI designs and Website Development.

Wecreate started by designing a stunning website that captures the vision of CosMax’s brand. This involved creating a layout that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and reflects the sophistication and innovation aligned with CosMax. We implemented custom features and functionalities and made sure of integration with third-party plugins and tools. The new website provides a welcoming experience and clearly informs visitors about the beauty journeys offered. The redesigned UX and UI offer clean and simple navigation through treatments with evident call-to-action buttons along the way.

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