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Project Highlights

Design Unlimited Co Ltd is an company specialising in high-quality interior fit-out projects, including A&A works and design and building turnkey commercial projects. It was established in 1983 and has become one of the most trusted interior fit-out and renovation specialists in Asia. The company boasts a community of professional members, comprising project management and financial administrative teams. Design Unlimited is dedicated to transforming clients’ visions into reality, combining extensive project experience, expertise, and skilled workmanship.

Design Unlimited needed to update its online presence to keep up in the competitive market and display its work. Choosing Wecreate was a natural fit for them. They found our portfolio matches what they are looking for in combining style and functionality in web design. Wecreate took a personalised approach and focused on capturing the company’s rich history and current projects to be able to highlight its brand identity and establish a stronger connection with visitors.

Wecreate integrated key features to enhance Design Unlimited’s online presence. We combined elements from its rich history but with a modern touch. We made sure the design was user-centric so that visitors could easily explore Design Unlimited’s portfolio, services, and portfolio. The mobile responsiveness allowed it to adapt effortlessly to various devices for a smooth and enjoyable user experience. We also added interactive elements to make the platform more engaging. The emphasis on the company’s  proven track record of delivering high-quality interior fit-out projects contributed to the overall strengthening of Design Unlimited’s reputation as a leading interior fit-out and renovation specialist in Asia.

What we did

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