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Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With its myriad of cultural locations and events, delicious food and exciting vibe, it’s an exciting place to be in and explore. However, with all the things you can do in Japan, where do you start and how do you plan your stay? Planning for a trip to Japan can get very confusing so we have designed a website that acts as your intimate travel guide! Japan.com is a fully-fledged traveller’s website that acts as a comprehensive guide to visiting Japan. It provides an intuitive trip planner and easily accessible user interface so that users can explore every possible activity and experience they can have on their trip. Whether you’re planning or you’re already there, Japan.com makes sure that every trip you make there is memorable.

WECREATE did the logo design, brand identity, web design and web development for Japan.com. We made sure to ingrain ourselves in intensive market research to discover which activities were more significant to our target audiences. Taking everything into consideration, such as food, arts, transportation and accommodation, we made a vast database of information to give users as many options as possible. We streamlined all this information into a intuitive user interface and created a design that is very friendly that promotes revisitation from users. From the beginning of your trip until the end, Japan.com provides extremely helpful guidance to make sure your stay is an enjoyable one.

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