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Project Highlights

Asklora is a company that specialises in AI-powered stock investment platforms, helping retail investors throughout their investment journey, from picking suitable stocks to trading them automatically in their brokerage account. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Hong Kong. Asklora’s products include Trackwealth, a personal finance management tool, and a digital investment service that covers passive goal-based and active trading strategies. 

Asklora’s goal is to meet the different needs of investors by offering both passive goal-based and active trading strategies. They seeked a solution that not only simplifies the complexities of stock trading but also aligns with their financial goals. Wecreate started to establish Asklora in the market by learning its goals and coming up with a cohesive plan. 

We developed a brand strategy and a fresh visual identity to help Asklora stand out and connect with its potential investors. We created an app and a website for easy accessibility. The user-friendly interfaces improved the overall experience for its users, making complex investments more engaging. Adding simplified navigation, clear information presentation and automated features such as Automated Stock Selection, Portfolio Management and Trade Execution to the app and website makes trading and picking stocks easier, helping investors work more efficiently.  

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