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Project Highlights

Intex is a well-established brand that offers a wide range of products, including above-ground swimming pools, air mattresses, inflatable hot tubs, and inflatable products made of PVC. The company has over 50 years of history and is known for its durable and innovative products. They offer various types of air mattresses, including camping air mattresses designed for style, durability, and comfort, with features such as interconnecting nozzles.

Intex has become a household name for quality and diverse offerings. They recognised the changing of consumer preferences and the growing importance of a digital experience. They desired to bridge the gap between their products and the modern consumer through an easy and engaging mobile app. Wecreate welcomed the challenge and took the first step by understanding Intex’s legacy, the essence of its brand, and the unique challenges it faced.

Wecreate created an objective to design an app to showcase Intex’s products and make the user experience refreshing and effortless. The app design focused on combining style, durability, and comfort, mirroring the very attributes that defined Intex’s physical products. Users could now explore and purchase their products with a few taps, enjoying the same level of trust and quality they experienced with physical purchases. The design elements reflected Intex’s commitment to style. We incorporated colour palettes and enticing graphics that ensured a great user experience, making the app functional and engaging.

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