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Project Highlights

Divano Lounge is an Asian factory specialising in the production of high-quality, fully upholstered outdoor furniture. The company has over 9 years of experience in manufacturing garden furniture and uses European design concepts, with a mix of Dutch designers and Chinese craftsmanship. Their products are known for innovation, passion, comfort, and beauty, and they have customers in 80 different countries worldwide. Divano Lounge aims to create furniture that combines fashion, environmental protection, and comfort, and they offer a 5-year warranty, trade-in, and after-sales service for recyclable products. Divano Lounges saw the potential of the internet and came to Wecreate to turn their ideas into visually online spaces. They wanted to showcase their beautiful furniture to the world. 

We designed a website that presented their products and reflected their commitment to the environment. The website not only displayed their range but also included features like a 5-year warranty and trade-in options that showed their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Wecreate implemented a number of features and integrations to improve the user experience and operational efficiency. The website included high-quality images and galleries that showcase Divano Lounge’s outdoor furniture. We prioritised user-friendly navigation to ensure visitors can easily search the product offerings through categorisation. We integrated an e-commerce system that handles transactions, orders, inventory and a secure payment gateways which built trust for the customers. We added a dedicated section that highlights Divano Lounge’s commitment to the environment, making a connection with eco-conscious consumers. We featured warranty details and after-sales support with multilingual feature. The website now serves as an inclusive space, continuing Divano Lounge’s reach to a global audience.

e commerce agency singapore Divano Lounge 01 - Divano Lounge
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