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Project Highlights

Bivio is a high-end Italian restaurant that celebrates the diversity and richness of Italian cuisine. The restaurant takes its name from the Italian word for “crossroads,” which is fitting for a restaurant that brings together flavours from across Italy to create a unique culinary experience. 

Recognising the need to have a distinct identity, Bivio turned to WeCreate to communicate its presence and culinary philosophy to its potential audience. 

The goal was clear—to create a brand that mirrored Bivio’s commitment to quality, diversity, and the artistry of Italian cuisine. Through meetings and discussions, we gained insights into its values, mission, and vision. We did a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and trends in the high-end restaurant industry to identify opportunities for differentiation.

The creation of its unique logo was central to establishing Bivio’s visual identity. It was inspired by the concept of crossroads. We created colour palettes that reflected the Italian cuisine, using a combination of warm and inviting tones, extending to Bivio’s menus, signage, and online platforms using high-quality imagery and design elements. We strengthened the brand’s story by implementing consistent messaging across communication channels. Bivio’s new branding blended traditional Italian style with modern design and sophistication. It’s about inviting guests on a culinary journey celebrating the crossroads of flavours and the essence of Italian cuisine.

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