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With the moving time, everything is getting changed in order to meet the modern day requirements. When it comes to web design, lots of new ideas and innovations are being made in order to look more attractive and sophisticated. It’s a fact that everything with innovation is always appreciated. With this in mind, we bring you the latest web design trends 2016, giving you an idea of what you should consider before designing your next web site.

Card-style Interfaces

Going with card-style interface is what you could do to engage your users in a great way. People are familiar with cards and enjoy seeing this sort of stuff returning in web design. This interface works well for all devices, be it computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Vertical Patterns & Scrolling

The percentage of mobile users is growing with the moving time and probably could equal desktop traffic this year. So, focusing on mobile users is what you would need to consider before finalizing the web design of your next website. Vertical web designs are supposed to be good for mobile users as they can go through the whole site easily compared to those horizontal web designs.


Adding tiny animations in your web design is a great way to interact users, engaging them with something while the website loads. Users don’t get bored while waiting for the content to load. It should be unique, interesting and entertaining as well. But one thing you should keep in mind before employing animation in your web design is its purpose as where and why you’re adding it to your website.

Movie-style Designs

It has been observed that people love everything with moving. Providing a movie-style experience to your users is what you could do to give them an engaging and user-friendly web interface.

Elegant Typography

If your business is to offer content services or want to have more content on your website, then try choosing simple yet elegant typography in your web design. Use big and bold fonts for the wording you want to emphasis. You could also consult it with your web design agency that will surely help you making anything final. If there’s something awesome running in your brain cells, then don’t hesitate to give it a chance as innovations happen this way.

Sketches & illustrations

Sketches and illustrations add a fun element to the site and are supposed to be good to attract, engage users. If designed skillfully, this sort of web design could do wonders for you. Illustrations give a little personal touch to your web design as visitors get familiar easily. Hand-drawn designs are thought to be good if you want to add more personal feel and touch. This would be something new for visitors who’ve got tired of seeing those tidy web designs.

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