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Yantai Hemp Ginseng is produced by Renhua Naturals Co., Ltd. It has earned itself a reputation for exporting natural foods, superfoods, food ingredients, health supplements, and different raw materials across several countries. In addition, the company focuses on exploring, producing, and trading various foods and materials.

The company’s exploits in research and production led to Yantai Hemp Ginseg. This cosmetic product is hemp and ginger and has been approved by several third-party certifiers, including SGS, Eurofins,

Kiwa-BCS, Ecocert, Ceres, among others. The Wecreate team was contracted to optimize this cosmetic brand for the Chinese market. We got right into it with a logo design generated from a combination of shapes that represents the essence of Hemp Ginseng.

We understand how vital the right brand identity is to cosmetic brands. So we were able to effect some brand identity development steps that can drive performance in sales, marketing, and retention.