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Project Highlights

Hypebeast is a prominent online destination that focuses on men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear, offering a platform for shopping and daily editorial content. The company Hypebeast, founded in 2005 by Kevin Ma as a sneaker blog, has evolved into a multifaceted entity encompassing various industries such as fashion, art, music, e-commerce, and golf. Initially established as a sneaker blog by Kevin Ma in 2005, Hypebeast gained recognition for providing information on exclusive sneaker releases, attracting attention from notable figures like Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. Over the years, the platform has diversified its content to cover various aspects of fashion and culture while staying true to its roots in Hypebeast culture. Hypebeast stands as a significant player in contemporary fashion and culture, bridging the gap between streetwear enthusiasts and mainstream fashion while maintaining its authenticity within the Hypebeast community.

Hypebeast’s influence expanded beyond sneakers, embracing fashion, art, music, e-commerce, and even golf. However, with growth came new challenges. The digital landscape shifted, demanding a sleeker, more engaging online presence to captivate its audience. They recognised the need to upgrade their digital presence and sought out Wecreate. They needed a partner who could not only keep up but also push boundaries. Our portfolio spoke volumes, showcasing our knack for creativity and functionality.

Through collaborative efforts, we set the goal to redefine Hypebeast’s online experience. Our team crafted a platform that fused style with substance and ensured every visit made an impact. The UX/UI design elements we introduced increased user engagement and made navigation unique and interactions easy. Customers can browse the latest releases and explore editorial content. We developed a website that reflected Hypebeast’s values and is equipped to grow and evolve with their needs. We developed an adaptable platform and incorporated new features and product ranges to maximise web performance and user experience.

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