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Droneart is a brand managed by CEI Conrad Electronic International (HK) Limited, a member of CEI Conrad – Germany’s biggest player in e-commerce. The business engineers, builds and sells drones with a range of different technical qualities to be used for various purposes such as navigation, photography and fun. We partnered with Droneart to design and develop its e-commerce website including all UX/UI details and components. Drone Art sells a very technical product with a lot of expert features. The challenge for us was to translate this technical content into a user friendly, understandable e-commerce UX

comprehensible even for those new to the product. We designed a masculine and uncluttered e-commerce UI with the option to dive deeper into the technicality of each product. Accommodating video content was a big part of the UX and UI design as providing excellent visual material is the core of Droneart’s business. The new website was received with a lot of enthusiasm. It attracted an overwhelming amount of user generated content in the form of pictures and videos which Drone Art is using for its blog and Instagram posts resulting in an even more connected and invested user base.

e commerce singapore drone art 01 - Drone Art