digital agency wecreate drone art 01 - Drone Art

Project Highlights

Drone Art is a brand managed by CEI Conrad Electronic International (HK) Limited, a part of CEI Conrad – a major player in German e-commerce, which specialises in engineering, constructing, and retailing drones with diverse technical capabilities for applications like navigation, photography, and leisure.

Our collaboration with Drone Art involved creating its e-commerce platform, focusing on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) intricacies. Despite the complex nature of the products, we aimed to make the technical information accessible to all users, even those unfamiliar with the technology. The e-commerce UI we developed was sleek and straightforward, offering users the option to delve into the detailed technical aspects of each product. We emphasised video content as it was pivotal in our design process as Drone Art’s business centres around providing high-quality visual materials.

Working with Drone Art culminated in an e-commerce platform that not only simplified the shopping experience for its users but also highlighted the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

e commerce singapore drone art 01 - Drone Art