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Project Highlights

Blackberry – definitely not gone and far from forgotten! In 2016, the North American company TLC Communication acquired the BlackBerry brand, integrating it into their portfolio. This move revitalised BlackBerry’s presence, leading to the launch of the BlackBerry KeyOne. The KeyOne was designed to embody the essence of BlackBerry – distinct and durable, emphasising longevity and functionality. This strategic acquisition and product launch aimed to reinvigorate the brand and showcase its unique features in a competitive market.


Recognising the importance of a strong digital presence, BlackBerry partnered with Wecreate to complement KeyOne’s physical presence. Wecreate’s specialisation in web design, UX/UI design, and WordPress development aligned seamlessly with BlackBerry’s vision. The collaboration focused on translating BlackBerry’s legacy of distinction and durability into a compelling digital experience that highlighted the KeyOne’s unique features. Through extensive user research and testing, we optimised every aspect of the website to ensure that visitors could effortlessly explore KeyOne’s features and learn more about BlackBerry’s offerings.


Our team created appealing designs and user-friendly interfaces with every aspect, from the call-to-action buttons to the selection of fonts and colours were strategically chosen to enhance user engagement and promote easy interaction. Our website development allowed BlackBerry to maintain full control over its digital presence which enabled updates and enhancements as needed. Wecreate helped BlackBerry to solidify a strong digital footprint that harmonised with its physical product line. Through compelling web design, unique user experience, and efficient WordPress development, our solutions successfully empowered BlackBerry to effectively highlight the KeyOne’s capabilities and connect with its online audience.

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