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Elleme is a brand born out of the need to create. Pronounced, “Elle Aime”, meaning “She Loves” in French. Design and creation is an integral part of their lifestyle; crafting unique pieces to add to a woman’s accessories & wardrobe repertoire is the main goal. Elleme brings you products to “Aimer/Love”, one piece at a time. Elleme approached WECREATE SG to help craft a fully functional and responsive E-Commerce website. WECREATE SG took the minimalistic elegance of Elleme’s branding and reflected it onto the site.

We used a bold geometric typeface and paired it with a stylish sans serif to complement the modern and fresh look of Elleme’s branding, and designed the layout as cleanly as possible whilst creating differences in geometric layout to create visual interest. We made sure to keep everything as concise as possible to ensure a high conversion rate for potential customers; the simple and more efficient things are, the more likely the customer will buy the product. We made it clear to streamline the purchasing process from the cart to the checkout; ultimately it would greatly benefit both the purchasing party and the vendor.

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