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ORLOV is the alchemy between Angela Orlova’s precious poetry and Christian Orlov’s knowledge of stones, a labour of love that thrives on quality, craftsmanship and exacting standards. Driven by the founders’ passion for exquisite gemstones and superb craftsmanship, the brand strives to offer poetic creations that truly highlight the dazzling nature of each stone. Underlined by the judicious use of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are set in breathtaking designs that combine contemporary elegance with the influence of a deeply personal artistic and cultural heritage.

Orlov approached WECREATE SG to create a product catalog that showcased the brilliance of their wares as well as reflecting the luxury and brand values of the company. Utilizing stellar photography, elegant typographical choices and small luxurious touches such as transparencies and foil, the overall brochure design exudes a high-level of class and exuberance that allows potential clients and customers to see Orlov’s extensive experience with jewelry design and the jewelry industry.