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Olympics is changing the world and creating a healthier, more respectful and welcoming world for all, especially for Brazil. Brazil.com is proud to celebrate this spectacular and be your online knowing-everything-about-brazil destination. From the newest olympic news to the hottest city landmarks, from lifestyle to culture, brazil.com/olympics will make you fall in love with Brazil and make you leave the site with being a Brazil adventurer. We are motivated by the power and positivity of olympians, and we hope to share the sporty, sunshine, diverse aspects of Brazil. Although we love design more than sports, we are passionate about any exciting and uplifting olympics news

and stories of Brazil. Over the last few months, we have worked on the web design and development for brazil.com/olympics. We want viewers to explore Brazil with us, anywhere, anytime, and with any devices they have at hand. Regarding the web design, we went for a simple page flow and user-friendly interface, so users can easily locate where to click and get information. We designed the site with a wide variety of different features, including responsive pictures, videos, medal charts and timline slider bars, to create an interactive and energetic experience for the viewers.

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