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Project Highlights

Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles serve as Cathay Pacific’s loyalty programs, catering to loyal customers with exclusive privileges and special benefits to enrich their travel experiences. To assist both current and potential clients in maximising these offerings, Cathay Pacific engaged our team to craft an infographic that delineates the similarities and distinctions between the two programs. A compelling narrative forms the foundation of any infographic, prompting our team to commence the project by reviewing all content to ensure no crucial details were overlooked.

Our approach focused on rendering data engaging and easily digestible through the strategic use of colours, typography, and illustrations. The infographic’s structure incorporates clear section divisions and sharp iconography, striking a harmonious balance between visual appeal and informational clarity. We emphasised the myriad benefits and aimed to create a stunning piece that effectively guides readers through the intricacies of the reward processes associated with both Asia Miles and Marco Polo Club.

The ultimate goal was to convey a clear message: both programs offer substantial advantages for travel planning. By leveraging this infographic, individuals can swiftly access flying benefits, enhancing their overall travel experiences.

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