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Project Highlights

Toymate is an established toy manufacturer based in China and underwent a comprehensive brand transformation with the assistance of Wecreate. Toymate transitioned leadership to the next generation, ushering in a fresh identity. The rebranding initiative included a complete overhaul of the company’s logo, branding elements, website, company brochure, and even some product designs.

The process started with a redesign of the logo as the focal point to update the outdated appearance of the previous era and introduce a modern, friendly design that would remain relevant for years to come. This theme of fun and friendliness was carried through all aspects of the redesign project. From the lively and interactive catalogue site to the engaging and comprehensive brochure, every detail was strategically designed to refresh the company’s image and make a lasting impression on new customers and investors.

Furthermore, Wecreate was entrusted with revamping Toymate’s packaging, with specific categories assigned for design enhancements across all products. We opted for vibrant and colourful illustrations for these categories to enhance their appeal to the target audience. We also worked on building a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website and incorporated the new branding and designs. The website focuses on showcasing Toymate’s legacy and their products. With our holistic redesign approach, Toymate is now poised to engage with the new generation with renewed enthusiasm and a forward-looking perspective.

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