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Harneys provides international corporate and legal services related to the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus and Anguilla. Founded in 1960, the company has 50 partners and over 400 staff in more than 12 locations worldwide. Harneys required a Dashboard Design that showcased a comprehensive data log of client cases and the respective information contained within each case. What they were looking for was a design that allowed all the content regarding a case, from court dates to final motions and case parties to judgments, to be shown in one accessible and easy-to-use dashboard.

WECREATE SG created a dashboard with a clear user-interface that is straightforward and has a structured hierarchy. Law cases are extremely comprehensive and there is a potential to get lost in the stream of information that pertains to a case. WECREATE SG set clarity at the highest priority and sought to compartmentalize all the significant information in a case within clearly designated sections in the dashboard. The result is a streamlined interface with all the information that a user could possibly want placed in a single page.