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Project Highlights

Harneys specialises in offering international corporate and legal services across various jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, and Anguilla. It was established in 1960 and boasts a team of 50 partners and over 400 staff members spread across more than 12 global locations. We worked together when they needed a Dashboard Design solution. Harneys sought to present a detailed data log of client cases, including a wide range of case-specific information.

To address this requirement, Wecreate developed a user-friendly dashboard with a clear and structured interface. Given the intricate nature of legal cases which can often involve various amounts of information, the primary focus was on ensuring clarity and ease of navigation. We strategically organised all pertinent details related to a case into distinct sections within the dashboard, thereby preventing information overload and simplifying user interaction.

The outcome of this collaboration is a simplified dashboard interface that consolidates all essential case information onto a single page. This design approach not only enhances accessibility but also facilitates efficient retrieval of crucial data such as court dates, motions, involved parties, and judgments. By prioritising user experience and information organisation, Wecreate successfully delivered a solution that meets Harneys’ needs for a comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard system.