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In past years, e-commerce in Singapore is constantly improving. This trend covers products, technology and logistics. To properly understand what to expect in 2017, you need to look back into the past.

For instance, 2016 appears to have been another banner year for the industry. A reported $15 billion dollars were spent on digital marketing across the world. Consequently, a considerable number of e-commerce marketers invested heavily on video, social media and mobile marketing. Additionally, a considerable amount of money was also spent on rather mature marketing channels, such as organic and paid search.

With an explosive growth projected for the Singapore e-commerce arena in 2017, the following are some of the trends you should watch out for:

Faster Delivery

The delivery timescales in the E-commerce industry have reduced drastically in recent months. In this regard, delivery timescales are expected to be faster and more precise in 2017. For this year, e-commerce is set to undergo changes that will allow customers to ‘Click and Collect’. This will be the case even for the Pure-Play e-commerce retailers as a result of an increase in the number of collection points.

Recently, some e-commerce brands like Bamboo, ASOS and New Look launched a ‘precise delivery’ system, whereby customers will benefit from delivery windows of not more than an hour after making the purchase. Owing to the increased convenience and satisfaction associated with such a system, this trend is expected to continue in 2017.

Loyalty Schemes

Over the years, the various e-commerce retailers are striving to offer the perfect experience for their customers. For this reason, customer loyalty will come in handy for retailers in 2017. Currently, there are numerous choices when it comes to online shopping retailers. Again, various studies reveal that 49 percent of online shoppers are ready to switch brands for a coupon. This being the case, customer loyalty is something retailers must work towards improving in 2017.
To run a more successful customer loyalty scheme, online retailers will need to capture appropriate customer information as they shop online. They will then need to use such information to offer personalized rewards and promotions for their customers.

Increased Use of Chat Bots

In recent months, online retailers have been capitalizing on the growing popularity of mobile messaging apps in e-commerce personalization. This is in an effort to incorporate artificial intelligence into online marketing. The use of this technology is expected to continue in 2017 to offer a new and improved way for consumers to shop and communicate online.

Basically, Chatbots are automated, AL-Led messenger services that allow online shoppers to engage with various brands through instant messages. In 2017, the use of smarter chatbots is expected to be rampant in the e-commerce retail industry. The smarter chatbots will be capable of detecting precisely what the customer is looking for, offer the consumer suggestions and help them place orders online.

The use of artificial intelligence in the e-commerce in Singapore industry will increase in 2017, in the form of predictions on what to write about or what the shopper may be looking for. Imagine offering personalized rewards and promotions as well as automated translation. The various trends are aimed at offering a better e-commerce Singapore shopping experience for consumers across the spectrum.


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.