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What feels better that receiving credit for the work that you do? The WECREATE team is beaming with pride, celebrating the fact that we won not one, not two, not three but a grand total of four Indigo Design Awards!

The Indigo Design Awards is a yearly competition recognizing the very best in Brand Design, Web Design, Mobile Design and Games Design. Indigo is all about the unsung heroes, the ones who work behind the scenes. That one person whose top of the class brand identity took a company to the next level or that one designer who pushed the limits of imagination to create website interface designs that are as inventive as they are intuitive. Indigo design wants to be a prism through which such talent can shine and be promoted internationally.

The 31-member Indigo jury made up of international individuals known and respected for their innovative contributions to the digital design world identified two of WECREATE’s projects as worthy of no less than four awards.

Our team took home gold for the recreation of our very own WECREATE brand brand identity in the category Graphic Design / branding. We started this project because it was the right time to do it but also as a test to check if we still practiced what we preached to our clients. It turns out we do! Our own rebranding was a very valuable and successful exercise. More than ever we can empathize with our clients’ needs and challenges and are able guide them to the right solutions. The Gold Indigo Award for our own rebranding is the big, fat cherry on our own cake.

Our design work for DroneArt received one gold and two silver Indigo awards. Gold in the category professional Mobile Responsive Design and Silver in Professional Website Design as well as Professional WordPress Themes. The interactive and connected e-commerce site WECREATE built for DroneArt was a project with ambitious objectives including a good conversion and SEO. The end result received overwhelming enthusiasm from its users. Apart from meeting the KPI’s above and beyond the site has also become a digital meeting place for drone fanatics to share stories and visual content helping DroneArt to stay relevant and ahead of their game.

WECREATE is extremely proud of being recognized for these achievements and gives credit to every single individual of the team for making this happen – well done!

The Awards Winners Announcement and reception will take place in Tokyo on May 24 2018.


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.