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For all you who may not know about InVision, we got you covered! InVision is a cloud-based platform for digital product design providing powerful customer experiences.

It helps businesses around the globe to create and manage digital product prototypes, collaborate, test and experiment with design templates, all on their digital platform. They’ve been extremely transformative for the digital design industry.

Now, InVision has stepped their game and took a big community initiative by introducing Design Exchange to their community.

invision design exchange wecreate singapore 1 - A Trip to Sydney for InVision’s Design Exchange

Design Exchange is a collective bringing people together from various industries and companies – to explore the reinvention of product design. It is a thrilling opportunity for designers to come together and connect in person instead of behind the screens. So far it has brought many people from around the globe together – from the product design community, and not the smallest names; think of design leaders from Dropbox, Zendesk, Uber, and New York Times.

WECREATE had a chance to be part of this experience and soak in all the knowledge. It was a two-day event that was held from 2nd to 3rd October in Sydney and WECREATE was invited to the party.

Our creative director, Arthur Kuipers was invited to attend this event. The two days were filled with social and educational sessions, attendees left with knowledge and connections that would help elevate their work and career.

invision design exchange wecreate singapore 2 - A Trip to Sydney for InVision’s Design Exchange

The event encouraged the attendees to think outside the box, better yet don’t own a box when approaching product design! Through the workshops, keynotes, coworking discussions, networking and much more, attendees were able to broaden their horizons.

We’ve been glad to be part of this action-packed 2-days event with so many takeaways! It inspired us as a digital agency to incorporate the learnings in design work that we produce for our clients is unique and worthwhile!

Interested in what this gained knowledge could offer your company? Send us an email to know more about what design can do for you!


Arthur is the motive behind advertising agency WECREATE. Founder, and since 2004 responsible for strategy, concept and design in the role of Creative Director.