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2019, it’s all about triggering the right emotions. Modern brands these days want to interact with their customers in order to build a relationship with them and increase conversion rates. It’s only logical the web design trends for 2019 are heavily focused on triggering the right emotions in users. Relationships are built on emotions and your website provides a strong platform through which to evoke and nurture just those you want your client to experience in relation to your brand or service.
We have laid out the main web design trends for 2019 that can help you get closer to your customers and nudge them to engage with you. Some of these have already been tried and tested in 2018 and continue to develop and prove their reason to exist in 2019, others are more new to the dating scene.

web design trends 2019 2 - Web Design Trends for 2019

Micro Animations and 3D Elements

We are getting more familiar with micro animations (including sound effects) on sites we visit. The reason this trend is no one-hit wonder and will surely become ever more present in 2019 is that micro animations help the visitor navigate in a very intuitive way. Subtle movements, changes in colour, expanding text blocks or sound effects guide a person around your site and encourages to become curious and inquisitive which leads to higher conversion rates. People like an affirmation that they are doing the right thing on a website en route to finding what they are looking for. Micro animations and 3D elements help to hold their attention longer and confirm that the buttons they have clicked are the right ones.

web design trends 2019 3 - Web Design Trends for 2019


Customer service via the web is becoming increasingly more seamless thanks to AI and Machine learning. Live chats used to be horrible, we have all had the experience of asking a question and waiting for an answer to come back. If a reply did eventually appear it usually had nothing to do with the question. Not anymore. The Bots used in live chats have become brilliant in engaging with a potential customer instantly. Instantly is important here as in today’s society people seek instant answers and information, even a one-minute wait can be too long and potential new customers bounce back to Google to click on the next competitor in line. Instant replies that make sense and help the (potential) consumer can make an enormous difference in conversion rates. Live chats are also a great way to find out more about your potential client before your actual sales team gets in touch with them, allowing them to perfectly prepare their approach.

web design trends 2019 4 - Web Design Trends for 2019

Heavy Illustrated Design

The use of illustrations on websites became a real trend in 2018. Statistics prove that custom made illustrations can covert many times better than any stock photography. Illustrations that are custom made can better support a brand’s needs and make it stand out. There is such diversity in styles of illustrations that every company can find a unique look. Think of animated illustration, 3-dimensional cutout styles, abstract forms, colourful digital landscape scenes or portrait sketches Andy Warhol style. The options are endless and every artist or designer will bring his/her own uniqueness to it. Heavily illustrated web design will continue to be a hit in 2019 as they can help to tell a story and create a strong brand personality.

web design trends 2019 5 - Web Design Trends for 2019

Video Headers

Despite speed being one of the must-have factors in the online world video headers are becoming a big hit again. We already touched upon this in our previous blog: 3 Tips to optimize your landing page where we mentioned that video content grabs the visitor’s attention much better than text or static images. The longer you can keep his/her attention the more time a potential client will spend on your site and the more time they have to decide to hit the CTA button. Videos are simply more compelling than images or text and are informative and convenient. Without having to scroll through the pages of your website the visitor finds out what he/she has to know in a matter of seconds and you get to direct which emotions are triggered.

web design trends 2019 6 - Web Design Trends for 2019

Card-based Layout

A card-based layout is a great way to show a lot of information on a page in a compartmentalized and organized way. Through the construction of blocks containing some initial text and a photograph, illustration or video the reader gets a broad overview of the content and can dive into what grabs his/her attention. It is likely that you have seen card based layouts before and more and more companies will adopt this style of presenting content in 2019.

web design trends 2019 7 - Web Design Trends for 2019

Dramatic Typography

Custom made fonts and bold letter types were a trend in 2018 and we will continue to discover the artistic options of using fonts in 2019. An increasing number of brands will design their own custom made fonts and will be expressive and adventurous with font styles on screen. Sans serif will be mixed with serif and variable fonts will provide in an infinite number of letter weights and width adjustments attracting the user’s attention. Typography remains a creative playing field and an important factor in grabbing and leading the visitors’ attention.

It’s critical to be aware of what options are out there for 2019 and what others are doing. Beware though, although you need to know what is trending, not every trend will suit your business needs. WECREATE can guide you through the various options and select those web design trends that will support your bottom line. Don’t hesitate to call us on +852 2555 7220 or send a message.


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